The list of Mazda brand autos seems to be never ending. Mazda is a manufacturer with some of the top autos on the road. Click Car Removal buys Mazda brand autos whether used or scrap. For a cash for Mazdas offer give us a call. Accept, and we’ll schedule a free Mazda car removal Brisbane.

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Cash for Mazda Cars Brisbane

Click Car Removal pays cash for Mazda cars, and always offers a free Mazda car removal Brisbane at a convenient time for our customers.

We Buy All Types Mazda Vehicles, Both Past and Present:


Xedos 6, Xedos 9


Eunos 100, Eunos Roadster, Eunos Presso, Eunos 30X, Eunos Cosmo, Eunos Cargo, Eunos 800, Eunos 500, Eunos 300, Eunos 100


Efini RX-7, Efini MS-9, Efini MS-8, Efini MS-6, Efini MPV


Autozam AZ-1, Autozam Clef Sedan, Autozam AZ-3 Coupe, Autozam Scrum Microvan, Autozam Revue Subcompact, Autozam Carol Keicar


Amati 1000, Amati 500, Amati 300


MX-5 Superlight, MX-04, MX-03, MX-02, MV-X, MS-X, Miata Mono-Posto, Le Mans Prototype, HR-X 2, HR-X, Gissya, CVS, CU-X, BU-X, AZ550, Activehicle, MX-81, MX-Crossport, MX-Flexa, MX-Micro Sport, MX Sport Tourier, MX Sportif, Newospace, Nextourer, RX-01, RX 87, RX-500, RX-510, RX-Evolv, Secret Hideout, SU-V, SW-X, TD-R


Kaan, Takeri, Taiki, Sassou, Senku, Minagi, Shinari, Kiyora, Furai, Kabura, Nagare, Ryuga, Hakaze, Kazami, Hazumi


Titan, BT-50, Biante, Bongo, CX-9, CX-5, MX-5, Mazda 8, Mazda 6, Atenza, Mazda 5, Premacy, Mazda 3, Axela, Mazda Verisa, Mazda 2, Demio, Flair Crossover, Flair Wagon, Flair, Scrum, Carol


D200, B360, P600, R360, T600, K360, D1100, D1500, Romper, Mazdago, Familia, E2000, Kraft, MX-6, MPV Minivan, Carol Keicar, 323 Compact, Bongo, MX-5, Miata, 929, Sentia, Navajo SUV, AZ-3, MX-3 Coupe, MX-6, Cronos, 626, Milenia, Xedos 9, Euncos 800, Luce, Savanna, RX-7, Capella, Montrose, Luce Legato, 121, Cosmo, RX-5, Roadpacer, T3000, Rotary, Luce, Chantez, Grand Familia, Titan, E360, Cosmo Sport, B1500, Light Bus Type C, Light Bus Type A, Kraft, E2000, RX-8, AZ Wagon, CX-9 Crossover, CX-7 Crossover, MPV, MX-5, Spiano, Laputa, Tribute, Premacy, Miata, AZ Offroad, Capella, Demio, Prootege, Etude, 323, MX-6, AZ-3, MX-3, Sentia, Persona, T3500, 121 Compact, Cosmo, Roadpacer, Rotary Pickup, Parkway 26, Chantez, Grand Familia, Porter CAB, Boxer, E360, CX-5 Crossover, Laputa

The list of Mazda vehicles is impressive, and at Click Car Removal, whether a past or present model, running or not, used or junk, we’ll make you a cash offer! And, through in a free Mazda car removal.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Click Car Removal, you have a used & scrap car buyer that knows Mazdas and doesn’t hesitate to offer you the value of your Mazda.

Our services include:

  • Instant Cash Quotes – Give us a call, or complete our “Get a Quote” form on this page for an instant cash quote
  • Instant Cash Payments – We pay on the spot and the time of your vehicle collection, and always in cash
  • Free Mazda Car Removals Brisbane – We collect vehicles Brisbane wide and always at a time of your convenience.

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