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There are many different names for wreckers. Car wreckers, wrecking yard, wrecker’s yard, breakers yard, salvage yard, dismantler and scrapheap. Deal with the best in the business. Call Click Car Removal. We are car wreckers that pay cash for your car.

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We pay up to cash. That’s running or not.

Car Wreckers Brisbane

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When you live in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Redland City or the Toowoomba and have a vehicle that is useless, or not worth the cost of repairs, don’t pay to have it towed. Calling Click Car Removal is calling the expert wreckers that will buy your vehicle for cash. We buy:

Scrap, Accident, Wrecked, Junk, Salvage, Fire, Flooded, Damaged, and Old Vehicles with any level of damage.

Our Car Wreckers

At Click Car Removal, our car wreckers are known for their outstanding talent and skill in wrecking vehicles. This is one reason we buy any make and model of any year and condition. Sellers of scrap, accident and junk vehicles depend on us as a source to buy their vehicles for cash. Our wreckers dismantle vehicles, stripping them for parts that can be reused and recycled, and then crushing the vehicle’s steel to form new steel. The process is one that has earned us our reputation as it is not only an eco-friendly way to dispose of an otherwise useless vehicle, but also pays the most cash on scrap, accident and junk cars.

Many vehicle owners are still unaware of the great service that car wreckers provide. Contacting Click Car Removal to purchase and dispose of your vehicle means:

  • Your vehicle will not end up in a landfill creating hazards that can damage the environment, such as fuel, fluid, or liquids leaking into the soil. It also will not take up valuable space in a landfill.
  • Your vehicle will not end up in an open plot creating hazards that can damage the environment.

What it means is that you will have the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is being disposed of through an ECO-FRIENDLY Car Wrecking and Recycling process. We are known as the car removal company in Brisbane that cares about the imprint we leave on Mother Earth.

We pay cash for junk, scrap and accident cars. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

Free Scrap, Junk and Accident Car Removals

With one call to Click Car Removal, and accepting our cash offer that we’ll make on your scrap, accident or junk auto, you can schedule to have your vehicle removed. How soon? As soon as a few hours from your call.

Our car removal technicians offer:

  • 24-hour car removals
  • After hours car removals
  • Fast and convenient car removals
  • Weekday, Weekend and Holiday car removals

Car removals are scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Just give us a call for a cash quote.

Call Us For A Cash Quote Today

To obtain a cash quote on your vehicle, contact Click Car Removal by:

  • Telephone. Give us a call at Brisbane.
  • Through our web page. Just look to the top right of this page where you’ll see our “Get a Quote” form. Complete the form, and click the submit button.

Our car appraisers will require the details of your vehicle, so please be as accurate as possible.

We are the car wreckers in town that make fair cash quotes on all vehicles. This is how we have earned our reputation in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Inner Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Redland City, Gold Coast and all other regions. We cover all over Brisbane so you don’t have to worry if your far from us we still got you covered.

Call us at 0490 185 300