What are the options of selling my car

Posted On September 25th, 2017

When it comes to selling a car that is no longer required there are many option whether to sell it for scrap, call a car wrecker, recycle it or give it away to a friend. We will outline the main advantages and disadvantages for each option and you may choose which option is best for you. Some car owners often don’t know what to do with an unwanted car that is taking up space and often gets call from local council to remove it while others simply call a car removal company like Click car removal Brisbane that also offers cash as well.

Sell My Car For Scrap

What determines whether to use a car scrapper to get rid of your car?

The make, Model, Age and condition of your car. Experts advise if your car is old and costs a lot of money for repair then its best to call a cash for scrap cars removal in your area. They remove cars that are no longer wanted or damaged that cannot be registered and above all you get cash in return, its not just free car removal. Scrap car removal companies also offers 4X4 REMOVALS, TRUCK REMOVALS, VAN REMOVALS, SUV REMOVALS, JEEP REMOVALS, UTE REMOVALS and much more. You can also sell your scrap truck, van, ute, 4×4, or any other type of vehicle.

Car Wrecker

Choosing to call a car wrecker is another option when it comes to getting rid of your car. It is often believed the best option for a car owner with a car higher year made, model and engine issues is to call a car wrecker. Auto dismantle is another name for car wrecker and is defined as a company that dismantles a car to reuse parts from it. Auto Wreckers often pay good amount for cars, The higher the year model and more money you can expect. When the car gets stripped for parts the remaining normally goes to scrap metal yards for further recycling.

Give it away

Sometimes car owners are left with no option but to give it away to a friend that may need parts from it. This is often the last option but wouldn’t get you any money. Getting rid of shell would cost you to removing rather then getting cash for it. Car owners contact Click car removal on to get rid of their complete cars and to get cash up to . Overall the decision is very easy to make when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted car as there are many options.