6 Ways to Sell Your Car for Cash in Brisbane

Posted On May 21st, 2019

Brisbane has changed in terms of what you see on the streets today. It went from a lot of people rushing on the sidewalks, to a lot of people rushing on the streets with their cars. We’ve got a lot of cars, but do we know how to deal with them?

What happens to a car when it is not in use anymore?

Well, once a car becomes a little less usable, it just becomes a scrap car. But we’re lucky that we don’t have to waste this wonderful creation by humans. There are services that can help you get rid of your vehicle, without you having to dump your car in a landfill. A few of these services could be useful to you if you want to sell your unwanted vehicle at some point.


There are a few ways you can get rid of your vehicle in Brisbane while making money at the same time. Let us have a look at these in the following article:


  1. Professional Car Buyers

There are services in Brisbane that will buy your old, unwanted car for cash quickly. These services usually buy your car in order to sell it further. Sometimes they fix your car, replace the non-functional and then sell it to customers.

  1. Auto Wreckers

Services that wreck automobiles will dismantle your vehicle in order to use parts to sell in the second-hand car market. You may sell your old car to such a company if you have a car that isn’t too old. Although, a car wrecker will buy a scrap car as well. They may use the few parts of your car that can be used and then sell it to a scrap metal dealer

  1. Car Dealerships

Car dealerships buy your cars to re-sell them. They buy your car as-is and sell it to another owner. These car dealerships usually have a set price that they will buy your car for.

  1. Car Removal Services

Car removal services are basically companies that will tow your car away. Your car is picked up from wherever it is stuck and taken away by any such facility. Click Car Removal is a popular car removal service that offers free towing away from these vehicles. Not only does this company offer a free towing service, but they also pay cash for such cars. The reason they can pay for such vehicles is that they will ultimately use these vehicles to sell to a scrap metal dealer. Profits earned by selling your towed away car is the cash quote offered to you.

  1. Scrap Car Buyers

If you have a junk car, a damaged car that is beyond repair, a scrap vehicle or anything that has completely stopped working, scrap car buyers are the best way to deal with it. They will buy your car for cash at the best price you will be offered. They buy all types of cars and make sure they have made optimum use of your vehicle. When all the parts are removed and ready to be sold in the market, scrap car buyers will recycle the rest of your vehicle. This recycled metal is of great demand in the industry for metal as of now and is also doing wonders for the environment.

  1. Private Sale

If you are trying to get rid of your vehicle, selling it privately might also be a good idea. However, most people refrain from selling their vehicle in a private sale because it takes unnecessarily long to sell it. It also takes a lot of effort and isn’t considered ideal for someone who needs instant cash for an old car.

We did a little bit of surveying and found that the best ways to sell your car would be to a service that has all of the above services as its subparts.

One such service that is a car wrecker, scrap metal dealer, professional car buyer as well as a car removal service provider is Click Car Removal. Call now to get a free quote and book your appointment for today!

You can call the customer service team at Click Car Removal at 0490 185 300